How to Clean An Inflatable Pool

Aug. 29, 2020

For new swimming pool owners, learning how to clean an inflatable swimming pool is essential to extend the life of the swimming pool.

Hope that with our guide, you will be able to know everything you need to maintain and clean your inflatable pools.

The importance of having a clean inflatable pool

If this is the first time you have a swimming pool, then you should know that stagnant water attracts all kinds of bacteria, which can endanger the health of your family. Bacteria can multiply quickly in a dirty environment.

Keep the swimming pool clean and ensure that you and your family are safe when you use the inflatable swimming pool.

In addition, having a clean swimming pool helps to extend the life of the swimming pool. Again, you don’t want to buy an inflatable swimming pool after a few months of using it.

One way to make sure you can use the swimming pool next summer is to clean it properly.

Difference between cleaning an inflatable pool from other pool types

Unlike an underground swimming pool or a frame-type above-ground swimming pool, it requires less work to clean inflatable pools. Of course, it depends on the size and shape of your inflatable swimming pool.

Compared with a large-frame above-ground swimming pool, this inflatable swimming pool is easier to install and disassemble. This allows you to easily clean parts of your inflatable swimming pool, and store it if you won’t be using it for an extended period time.

Inflatable Pools

5 steps to clean a large inflatable pool

1. Use a net to remove visible debris in the swimming pool

Start cleaning your inflatable pool to remove large debris such as dry leaves, bugs, or any other dirt you can see.

2. Use your pool vacuum cleaner to remove debris from the bottom of the pool

After removing all the floating debris, pick up the vacuum cleaner of the swimming pool, and start cleaning the bottom of the inflatable swimming pool.

3. Brush the inside of your swimming pool

If you can fit your pool brush in your vacuum, then you can do this step while vacuuming your pool’s interior.

If not, then you can do it after you drain the water in the pool.

4. Use chlorine to keep the pool water clean

You can use chlorine to balance the pH of the water and kill bacteria in the pool. Check the size of your swimming pool, and refer to your chlorine tablet product information, know how much you should use in an inflatable pool.

5. Drain it when necessary

If you want to clean your inflatable swimming pool thoroughly, it is recommended to empty the water completely.

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