How to Clean the Swimming Pool Filter

Jul. 08, 2020

The following instructions will help ensure that the filter element of the swimming pool is properly cleaned.

1. Remove the cartridge filter from the filter housing according to the manufacturer's instructions.

2. Use a garden hose with a DC nozzle to rinse the filter element. Clean from top to bottom, inside and out. Keep the spray at a 45-degree angle for the best results. Clean up all pleats.

3. Rinse and repeat until dirt and debris completely disappear.

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4. If the filter element is still dirty, or the spa that often uses sunbathing lotion or oil has been used in the swimming pool, then use the following options to soak the filter element for at least one hour (overnight is more effective):

-Commercial filter cleaners,

-A glass of trisodium phosphate (TSP) and five gallons of water,

-A glass of dishwashing liquid and five gallons of water.

5. Rinse the filter again and repeat steps 2-4 if necessary.

6. If there is a layer of algae, calcium carbonate (residue of calcium hypochlorite), iron, or any other minerals on the filter element, soak the filter element in a solution of one part hydrochloric acid and twenty parts of water until the bubbles stop.

Warning: If you do not remove all the oils and cleaning fluids in steps 2-5 above, it may cause the water flow through the filter of the filter element to be permanently blocked, resulting in partial or total failure of the filter.

7. Rinse the cartridge filter thoroughly and replace it in the filter housing according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Note: It is not recommended to use diatomite (DE) powder with any filter element. Powder particles will become trapped in the body, which will greatly shorten their lifespan.

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