Swimming Armbands for Children and Toddlers-Good or Bad?

Jun. 05, 2020

Swimming armbands are probably the most popular and used swimming aids for toddlers and toddlers alike. Armbands are very cheap and very durable floating aids, ideal for helping young children in the early stages of learning to swim.

They help to keep children floating in the water while giving them a feeling of freedom, allowing them to kick around in the swimming pool independently.

Although they can restrict arm movement, they can keep children close to the water. This allows them to experience the feeling of blowing bubbles and any splash in the water, all of which are vital parts of learning to swim.

Swimming Arm Bands

Although very popular, the armband is by no means perfect. They each have advantages and disadvantages.


Cultivate early self-confidence-this is very good for raising children's water confidence and giving them a sense of freedom in the swimming pool.

The buoyancy level can be adjusted-as non-swimmers become stronger and more confident, the amount of help provided by the armbands can be reduced through gradual deflation.

When the child's arms and legs can be used independently, coordination can be strengthened and improved.

More swimmers can be safely supervised, making armbands ideal for large group swimming lessons.


Swimmers may rely on armbands-some children find it difficult to change to different swimming aids, so they lack progress. This usually happens when the parents are present and usually requires a professional swimming teacher to make significant progress.

Movement can be restricted by the nature of the way it is mounted on the arm, the armband can be restrictive and may hinder the movement of the arm, especially in younger children.

If used by adults, it may not provide sufficient buoyancy. Ideally, the armband can only be used by children.

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